Special offer

Full body Massage(35min) + Moder eye massage(15min) +  air pressre therapy for legs(15min) for £60

Dorsal massage(30min) + Air pressure for legs (15min) for £38


MIGUN massages

Full body massage: For Full-length massage and therapeutic treatment specific to the back, waist and legs –

35min/£35 – 70min/£65

Dorsal masage: For the Upper back and legs – 30min/£28 – 60min/£55

Lumbar massage: For the Lower back and legs – 30min/£28 – 60min/£55

Finger pressure massage: For a deep finger pressure treatment – 25min/£25 – 50min/ £ 45

General massage: For a full length massage without deep pressure therapy – 15min/£ 15 – 30min/£28

Abdomen massage: For abdomen area only. (A continuous and soothing massage while lying on your stomach.) – 15min/ £ 15 – 30min/£ 28


Modern Eye massage

Modern Eye massage: 15min/£ 15 – 20min/£18


Air pressure therapy for legs/waist

Air pressure therapy for legs/waist: 15min/£ 15 – 30min/£ 28