WELCOME TO Wellness House

As far as we know, we are the only hands-free and traditional massage centre here in Aberdeen, and we’re rightly proud of this. Massage is luxury that everyone should enjoy now and again. At Wellness House, we have the skills and experience to ensure that you leave in a better condition that you came in. We believing in making the experience even more enjoyable by ensuring that our massages are geared towards general wellness and wellbeing. Body and Mind.

We particularly enjoy seeing the change and uplift in the mood of our customers and the recalibration of their bodies. Not to mention the beautiful interactions and stories that come from the process. We are dedicated to the concept of improving your health through the combined principles of Eastern & Western medical techniques and technology.

Which is why at Wellness House we offer Swedish Massage, and also use the amazing Migun bed technology for proper lumbar and dorsal relief and correction.
‘MIGUN’ is an acronym made up of two Korean words: ‘MI’ meaning ‘Beauty’ and ‘GUN’ meaning ‘Health’. The MIGUN massage bed provides clinical thermal massage. Migun originated from Korea.

The MIGUN BED effortlessly combines ease of use with ancient Eastern practices and cutting edge Western technology.

We will discuss your individual needs, obtaining a brief medical history and choose which treatments you would gain the most out of depending on what your needs are. These treatments can assist you with your personal life, insomnia, stress, blood pressure, anxiety and much more. After treatment you should feel healthier and have a greater sense of well-being.

Last but not the least, Our Mantuary package deserves a special mention. Mantuary is a blend of Sanctuary + Man. This is an indulgent escape zone for the man to get the best of both worlds, hands-free Migun and traditional Swedish Massage, plus eye massage and also full leg and waist massage. A stunning package for the man in your life! Click on button below for more Mantuary benefits.

For more information or to book an appointment today, click contact us.